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Developing your business into new areas

The challenge for companies is to bring to the market a stream of new and improved, added-value, products and services that enable the business to achieve higher margins and thus profits to re-invest in the business.

Innovation is the successful exploitation of new ideas. It incorporates new technologies, design and best practice and is the key business process that enables UK businesses to compete effectively in the global environment.

Our knowledge covers a wealth of practical experience and past success include:

  • Nestle: Tip Top
  • Muller: Yogz
  • Sharwoods: Noodle Box
  • Many entrepreneur start ups

All successful NPD has a process and ours is no different. It has four key stages that are evaluated at key decision points. We work with you in a collaborative manner using our skill and your needs to develop workable new products and services:

  • Concept: idea generation, considering all the key drivers
  • Feasibility: proof of concept/principle — vital testing with consumers and assessing the financial model
  • Development: development, prototyping and testing
  • Implementation: marketing and launch