New Brand Experience

Branding fundamentals: part 3 of 4

The foundation of a clear brand strategy

Our Micro Branding and Corporate Branding programmes help you achieve the following:

Survey your brand landscape

  • Work out your (business, product or service) brand’s core competencies
  • Assess who your existing and potential customers are and find out what they like and what they don’t
  • Find out how your customers and your employees feel about your brand and those of your competitors
  • Define how favourably your brand is viewed by customers and potential customers
  • Consider how far you can credibly develop your brand without moving away from its core competencies

Create your brand blueprint

  • Distil the findings into an easily digestible document, or series of documents, with clear action points
  • Provide a basis for brand propositions that:
    • Motivate and challenge your staff (internally focused mission and vision statements);
    • Speak directly to your market and differentiate you from your competitors (externally focused tag lines and headlines)

Armed with this, you are well placed to begin building a compelling and consistent brand.

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