New Brand Experience

Branding fundamentals: part 4 of 4

Building a compelling and consistent brand

Building a successful brand begins with a well-founded brand strategy — without this you’re just going on gut instinct. To implement such a strategy, you need marketing tools that communicate your brand values engagingly and consistently, and staff or products that uphold these same values.

The common thread that runs through all of this is honesty — stay true to what you offer and deliver to your customers. There are some salutory lessons that can be learnt by considering the biggest branding mistakes.

Whilst ensuring that your staff embody your brand is your responsibility, the crucial marketing assets that support their activities are usually outsourced.

We can develop a marketing strategy for you and then oversee its implementation. We work with third parties to help create corporate identities, printed collateral and web communications that are ‘on brand’. We can perform this role for you on a retained basis, either with your preferred suppliers, or with consultants that we recommend and work with regularly.